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Camino de Santiago - Jakobsweg
  • Benutzername:  lutzmeyer
  • Land:  Andorra
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  • Über mich:  I am editor in culture and events, living and working in Andorra/Pyrenees. Andorra is not easy to understand for foreign visitors at the first time. Believe it or not: It's close to "the paradise on earth" under many aspects. That's why I try to get a better photograph to illustrate that.
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  • rose220
    rose220 schrieb am 03.08.2012 23:26:59  
    From Rose David

    CAN I TRUST YOU ?????
    Dear Sir,
    My name is Rose David from Freetown sierra leone,23 years old and the only daughter of late Dr Desmond David a Gold and Diamond dealer who was killed by the rebels in my war torn country.
    I contacted you to know if you can assist me and my brother ,because, before my father was killed by the rebels,he deposited three trunk boxes contained 80 kilos of Gold plus 14,220 carate Diamonds gem stones and ( $ 7,000.000 .millon dollars ) in(HIGH SECURITY COMPANY ACCRA GHANA) in my name as the only daughter and beneficiary.
    Since i just arrived in Ghana, I have been to the Security Company and I also have all the documents that is covering the boxes deposited and origin here with me the original copy as a matter of fact but I was told that I have not provide my late father’s business partner due to the agreement entered by my father and the security company to govern the release of the boxes. So I went directly to the COMPANY DIRECTOR who discloses to me that all they ask is for my late father’s business partner to stand for me as my beneficiary and contact them.
    Please contact us If you are interested to help me and my brother recieve this trunk boxes in your country before we join you,

    Ms Rose David
  • sergey01
    sergey01 schrieb am 12.03.2012 21:28:30  
    Hallo Lutz. Поздравляю с новой камерой. Желаю много новых прекрасных фотографий!
  • flashlight
    flashlight schrieb am 28.07.2010 15:44:16  
    Hallo Lutz,

    heute schreibe ich dir endlich mal, daß mir deine Art der Fotografie einfach wunderbar gefällt, weil deine Fotos lebendig sind und oft nicht nur fantastisch in Szene gesetzte Motive zeigen, sondern auch ein Augenzwinkern beinhalten.
    Ich freue mich auf deine nächsten und sehe mir bis dahin die vorhandenen gerne immerwieder an.

    schöne Grüße von der Nordsee!
    Das geht runter wie Öl. Vielen Dank! Grüsse aus den Bergen.
  • grand_canal_du_nord
    grand_canal_du_nord schrieb am 03.05.2010 15:48:21  
    Hallo Lutz,

    willkommen in der Gruppe "Spielplätze". Ich freue mich über dein Interesse zu dem Thema und deinen ersten Beiträge.

    Liebe Grüße
  • nadia86
    nadia86 schrieb am 22.03.2010 22:59:58  
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    Truly Love nadia
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